About the company

Staghorn Outfitters began 35 years ago making men’s outdoor and tropical apparel for small retail shops across the USA. In 2009, the company’s outdoor division, known as Fencepost, began designing and distributing men’s camouflage apparel to small hunt shops. The quality and unique design lead the company to sign licensing agreements with Realtree and Mossy Oak; two of the top camouflage brands in the world. Today, Staghorn Outfitters designs a full line of men’s, women’s, and youth fashion as well as technical hunt and fishing apparel which can be found in most retail stores across the US and Canada. 

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Our Executive Team

Matthew Gray, President & CEO

Burton Yanik, Executive VP of Sales



Marsha Edwards, CFO

Joyce Greene, VP of Operations



Phillip Skeed, Executive VP & COO

James Jenks, Jr. Executive VP of Design & Merch



Tim Berry, Vice President/Hunting & Fishing